Acclaim Collector Car + Transmission formerly American Transmission is the first transmission service center established in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1973. We specialize in vintage, high performance, custom and computer controlled automatic transmissions from 1938 to the present day—foreign and domestic. From complete rebuilds and customization, to fine tuning and diagnostics, Acclaim will meet all your transmission and classic car care needs.


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Experience is key to diagnosing and restoring a transmission, and Acclaim Collector Car + Transmission not only has the experience on classic transmissions, but the latest diagnostic equipment for later model computerized transmissions. When it comes to the vintage, custom and high performance transmissions that are not computerized, Acclaim has the expertise and tools required to get the job done and done right. While tools and computers are necessary and great to have, years of experience and old school sight, sound, smell and an occasional taste, are vital for dialing in absolute perfection.

A well running engine is a delicate balance consisting of many factors. Simply timing an engine does not automatically solve poor performance issues. For example, dwell, the amount of time that is necessary for the coil to reach the maximum energy level, effects timing, and timing effects carburetion and poor carburetion will cost you money among other problems. From excess fuel and oil consumption, coupled with the potential for higher than normal operating temperatures, to not passing emissions, these are just some of the problems you are likely to face. It is imperative to have each of these systems checked and balanced by an expert technician at Acclaim.

If your car is equipped with air conditioning, whether modern or retro, keeping the system in working order is important, and will save you money in the long run. Acclaim Collector Car + Transmission can keep your A/C in proper working order and even install an A/C system in your classic to make your ride that much more enjoyable.

An automotive cooling system requires more than just taking a yearly peek at the green stuff in your radiator. Transmissions for example are cooled by the transmission fluid and the engine is cooled in-part by the engine oil. When all of these critical systems are not maintained and checked at regular intervals, these components can operate at higher than normal temperatures. While it may not seem that a few degrees will make a difference, every component under the hood is adversely effected. From rubber seals, plastics, metal, wiring, sensors and solenoids to name a few, will all suffer early failure from constant exposure to higher than normal temperatures. To avoid engine wide problems, be sure to follow all manufactures maintenance guidelines. Remember older cars require more TLC then their younger siblings.

Unfortunately, car owners spend a considerable amount of money on misdiagnosis. Even with the aid of computer technology and scanning equipment, too many mechanics fail to understand what the diagnostic printouts are requiring them to do. Mistakes like this can cost a car owner thousands of dollars that will still not address the problem. The technicians at Acclaim will not guess at what might be wrong or replace parts that don’t need replacing. And just what are you supposed to do when you have a classic that can’t be “plugged in”? Bring it to Acclaim. It takes experience and years of doing the job to know what is needed—the first time.


General maintenance is more than just oil changes or the old school “oil and lube”. Every vehicle manufacture, then and now, foreign or domestic, has a strict maintenance schedule and you must follow it. Just because your 2017 can go 100,000 miles between spark plugs and 8,000 miles between oil changes, does not mean your 1965 can do the same. While following the maintenance schedule does not mean you won't have problems, it will minimize the severity and frequency of those problems. If you are unable to locate the maintenance schedule for your particular vehicle, please ask your technician at Acclaim Collector Car + Transmission.








The suspension, steering and braking system on your car, new or old, was engineered to function in unison and provide optimal control, comfort and safety for the specific vehicle. If any changes are made to any of these systems, an imbalance is likely to occur, causing potential structural stresses and/or safety issues. When altering or customizing all or part of the suspension, steering or braking system, careful consideration must be given in the design process as to how these changes will positively or negatively effect overall performance. Even the most expensive or custom components, will not guarantee increased performance, handling and safety. The team at Acclaim will make sure you are getting the best upgrade for your car.


Owners Ken Tully and Richard Buck have been transmission rebuilders since 1978 at the professional level. In 1987, Ken and Richard purchased American Transmission, Scottsdale’s first transmission service center, just five years after working for the company. After purchasing American Transmission, they felt the name should be changed to Acclaim Transmission to avoid any notion that only American cars were welcomed. Acclaim continues to grow and continues to serve both foreign and domestic cars with an ever increasing customer base of classic and custom cars. 2017 brings a new emphasis on the collector car at Acclaim to meet our customers demands. Today we continue grow our business in the collector car arena and are now doing business as Acclaim Collector Car + Transmission. We look forward to working with you on all your automotive needs.

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